CLG Council 2019/2020

CLG Council 2019/2020
(Elected on 14th March 2019, AGM)

The newly elected members of the CLG council took office on 14 March 2019 following our Annual General Meeting.

Front Row: Lucella Jeraled, Audrey Liaw, Michelle Voo, Peggy Yee, Ian De Vaz, Steve Ngo, Susie (Administrator), Rosanna Mak.  Back Row: Ben Frois, Sarjeet Singh, Angela Ng, Jevon Louis, Michelle Ng, Cosmas Gomez, Brown Pereira, Joseph Perez, David Nayar.



President – Peggy Sarah Yee
Vice President – Ian De Vaz
Vice President – Michelle Voo
Secretary – Cosmas Gomez
Asst Secretary – Lucella Jeraled
Treasurer – Sarjeet Singh
Asst Treasurer – Brown Pereira

Committee Members
  1. Jimmy Yim, SC
  2. Grace Morgan
  3. Rishik Menon
  4. Joseph Lopez
  5. David Nayar
  6. Michelle Ng
  7. Andrew Kong
  8. Christine Low
  9. Steve Ngo
  10. Rosanna Mak

Co-opted Council Members

  1. Ben Frois
  2. Audrey Liaw
  3. Erroll Joseph
  4. Elaine Low
  5. Jevon Louis

Auditors: Constance Paglar & Angela Ng


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