22nd Council of the Catholic Lawyers Guild

The 22nd Council of the Catholic Lawyers Guild took office on 12 April 2024 following our 22nd Annual General Meeting, which was held at St Flora Room, Level 2, CANA the Catholic Centre.   

Office Bearers 

President – David Nayar
Vice President – Michelle Ng
Secretary – Rishik Elias Menon
Assistant Secretary – Derek Isaiah Tay
Treasurer – Audrey Liaw
Assistant Treasurer – Joyce Magdalena


Elected Council Members 

  1. Andrew Kong 
  2. Angela Ng 
  3. Carolyn Ang
  4. Cosmas Gomez (Immediate Past President)
  5. Jeanny Ng
  6. Joanna Chew
  7. Joseph Lopez
  8. Kathleen Utojo
  9. Peggy Yee
  10. Vera Koh


Elected Honorary Auditors 

  1. Bernard Sahagar
  2. Anne Wong


Management and Administration 

Spiritual Director – Fr AdrianYeo
Administrator – Melinda Louis 


12th April 2024 

Rishik Elias Menon 

Secretary, 22nd CLG Council  


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