Saturday 18 August 2018
9am – 5pm
CANA, Waterloo Street
Time flies, and it’s that time of the year again when each and every one of us in the Catholic Lawyers Guild is invited for our once-yearly family spiritual reunion with God our Father.
We are called to break the Word, share the Good News and listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say in us, through us, and with us.
Do look out for your personal invitation to our Day of Recollection.  Details will follow.
Let us emulate our Lady in saying “Yes” to this invitation by saving the date in our phone calendars / diaries today.
Blessings and may the communion of the Holy Trinity be with you all!


Blessings invoked on legal fraternity during Red Mass

Msgr Ambrose Vaz blessing members of the legal profession at the Red Mass on Jan 12.

The special mission that members of the legal fraternity play in society was highlighted during a special Mass on Jan 12.

“We especially need you in society and the Church to bring truth and justice to the people; and truth and justice are not concepts but a person – Jesus Christ,” Msgr Ambrose Vaz told about 130 members of the legal profession during the Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

To do this, they need to have a relationship with God so that He will be the centre of their lives, and this will help them discern His will for them and the people they serve, said Msgr Vaz at the annual “Red Mass” organised by the Catholic Lawyers Guild (CLG).

Msgr Vaz also thanked the CLG for its pro bono legal services to the needy.

The Red Mass invokes the Holy Spirit’s guidance on the legal profession and the intercession of its patron saint, St Thomas More, a martyr.

The first recorded “Red Mass” was celebrated in 1245 in Paris. As the liturgical colour for votive masses of the Holy Spirit and martyrs is red, the celebration became popularly known as the Red Mass.

The highlight of the Mass was the Prayer to St Thomas More by CLG members and Msgr Vaz’s laying-on of hands over them to invoke the gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit.

Gifts were brought up by members of CLG during the Offertory

During the offertory, together with the gifts of bread and wine, the scales of justice, the White Book (the Rules of the Supreme Court) and a lawyer’s court robe were brought to the altar by the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Deputy Attorney-General Lionel Yee, a senior practising lawyer, a junior practising lawyer and a law student respectively.
The lector, cantor, commentator, pianist and choir were also all members of the legal profession.

CLG President Peggy Yee doing sharing over dinner

At a dinner after Mass, CLG president Peggy Yee shared how the organisation had held members’ retreats and prayer meetings last year and is planning a workshop this year. Last year, the CLG assisted with 138 cases of legal advice, 14 cases of legal representation and two mediation cases, all pro bono, she noted.

Commenting on the celebration, Ms Sonia Rajendra, a first-year Singapore Management University law student said: “Seeing the unity and commitment of the legal community gave me such a sense of belonging!”

Sr Sylvia Maria Ng, an executive officer of the Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants & Itinerant People (ACMI) to which CLG renders pro bono legal consultation services, said she is “thankful that our Catholic lawyers are striving to ensure that God becomes the foundation and focal point of their legal ministry”.

“My prayers are with them,” said the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary nun.

CLG is a member organisation of Caritas Singapore from which this article is extracted from. (FB CARITAS SINGAPORE)

For more information on the Catholic Lawyers Guild, call 6801-7494 or email

FEBRUARY 04, 2018, Vol 68, No 03


The Catholic Lawyers Guild (CLG) provides mutual support and encouragement among lawyers for the sanctification of their professional work, as well as the provision of legal assistance to the church and persons in need.


1. To function as a non-profit organization with chiefly spiritual aims, namely to assist its members, who are lawyers, or legally trained persons professing the Catholic faith, to obtain sanctity in the profession, through the practice of Christian virtues.
2. To help newly qualified or graduated Catholic lawyers realize their profession as a noble calling of their faith.
3. To render assistance and offer knowledge or opinion to lay persons in the matters of the Catholic faith and the law.
4. To render assistance to the Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Singapore.


If you are facing a legal issue on:
1. A personal matter (investment, business and professional matters are not covered) and
2. Have never sought legal advice before, and/or
3. Unable afford a lawyer,
You may call us to make an appointment for free basic legal advice our Legal Clinics.
Our legal clinic are intended for the poor, disadvantaged and sandwiched classes and is open to all regardless of religious faith or nationality. Please note that CLG reserves the right to turn down requests for appointments by applicants who fail to meet the criteria for free legal advice or for any other reason.


Registration is required. To register for an appointment, please click here to complete the e-appointment form (which will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete).

After registering, an appointment will be arranged for you to meet one of our lawyers our Legal Clinic

Register for the CLG Legal Clinic


The Legal Clinic is open from 6.30 PM – 9.00 PM on the following Mondays in 2018:
pro bono clinic dates
• June 11, 25
• July 9, 23
• Aug 13, 27
• Sep 10, 24
• Oct 8, 22
• Nov 12, 26
• Dec 10
(Sign Up)


AGAPE Village at 7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319264.
(Click for Location Map)


St Thomas More

Mr Jimmy Yim SC
Mr Ivan Lee

Most Rev Msgr William Goh, D.D., STL


President – Peggy Sarah Yee
Vice President – Michelle Voo
Vice President – Dominic Chan
Secretary – Cosmas Gomez
Asst Secretary – Hilda Foo
Treasurer – Louis De Souza

Committee Members
  1. Jimmy Yim SC
  2. Helen Yeo
  3. Sarjeet Singh
  4. Rosanna Mak
  5. Vanessa Lim
  6. Mark Vincent
  7. Alice Tan
  8. Andrew Kong
  9. Jeanny Ng
  10. Francis Wong

Auditors – Leo Cheng Suan
Auditors – Joseph Lopez

The following new members have kindly agreed to serve and will be co-opted into the 2017 Council:

  1. Lawrence Foo
  2. James Yap
  3. Steve Ngo
  4. Michael Chong
  5. Anamah Tan


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